Monday, November 13, 2006

Supporting Our Troops and Election Day

With the holidays coming up I hope that you will share my sentiments in remembering those who are keeping us free. Please check out this link when you have a chance. This really is a terrific web site that helps support the troops overseas. They've created over 45,000 Holiday Gift packages and have sent them to our brave men and women who are serving.

I had a conversation recently with someone who did not vote last Tuesday. To be honest, I really look at people differently who don't vote. If someone is older and can not make it out of their home for one reason or another, I understand that. But for someone to not vote who is between the age of 18 and 65 and in reasonably good health is really pathetic. If you step back and look at world history, America is a young country. There are, in my opinion, no guarantees that we will always enjoy the same freedoms that we currently have. Governments come and go. Some countries that were once mighty, are no longer.

I think it is probably one of the simplest things an American can do. Last week was pretty important here in New York. The voters chose a new Governor, a new State Attorney General, and decided to keep Hillary Clinton as U.S. Senator for six more years. But it's equally as important to vote for town councilman and village managers and that sort of thing. They can really impact your life directly.

Shame on anyone who did not vote last week. Perhaps they should read up on some of the countries around the world where the folks would do just about anything to be able to vote. Remember, in Somalia, the current government is controlled by the radical and al-Qaeda linked Islamic Courts, where they don't allow women to go to the beach. A simple freedom that we in America take for granted.

Reportedly there was a 40% turnout nationwide, which was higher than expected. I just can't figure out why we can't double that number. If you are too busy to vote, you are too busy! I hope that no one who reads this blog, falls into the category of the people who did not exercise their privilege to participate in Democracy last week. But if you are one of those misguided souls, just remember the old adage that you never know what you have, until it's gone!

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