Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Where've I been? Where've you been? I have not blogged much lately. November has gone by in a blink of an eye and will be reaching its merciful conclusion tomorrow. I have been thinking about doing something different with this blog, maybe even getting a second one, I even thought about scrapping the whole thing. What do I want to write about? Sports? News? Politics? Personal stuff? Wow, that's kind of heavy. Do you really want to know what I am thinking? I was going to just scrap this blog and get a new one and use that for some poems and short stories that I have been working on. That may still come to fruition. But for now here I am stuck in the abyss trying to figure out what works and what doesn't.

This past month has not been a jolly one for me. But I always look on the bright side and have hope that December will be a memorable one, and not one for dismemberment, hence the ECW pay-per-view, "December to Dismember."

I wonder about some people. I wonder what some folks are after. Are they really your friend or is their just something for them to be gained. I wonder about a girl that I have gone on a few dates with if it is just a complete expletive waste of time and she is playing a game with me. In fact, I know it is a waste of time, accepting that is a whole different ballgame. Perhaps all of this is too melodramatic. Perhaps. But then again it's my blog and I'll piss and moan if I want to thank you very much.

I wonder about the excessive unprofessionalism of one or two individuals. This thought came to my mind this past Saturday night at work. By writing these things out I am able to make sense of them and can straighten my head out and make decisions on going forward. Do I really want to spend my Saturday nights anymore working part-time for not a lot of money and an increasing amount of aggravation? Good question. Do you have an answer? My brain is a bit scattered lately. I am tired of many things and not many people, but a few folks. Namely one person who is a miserable expletive and needs to either go to a massage parlor or get a girlfriend instead of bringing their misery to work.

Back in the spring I was encouraged by someone to just write on this blog and see where it leads. In fact, it has been one of the highlights for me this past year and has led to many new things and discoveries. I figure if I write on here once a day whatever it is it will come.

So this is my rambling for today. I really wanted to see The Who in Bridgeport last night but I was unable to get tickets and I had to work anyway. Rachel Fuller plays in NYC tonight and I was unable to get tix to that show, as well. Maybe the third time will be a charm.

Have a great day!

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