Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mini Odds & Sods

Nothing can cheer me up better than a spin around the world of the inane and insane.

Britney Spears is dumping K-Fed. I guess she is also upset at the fact that he has challenged WWE Champ John Cena. Vince McMahon can be a brilliant promoter, but the whole K-Fed angle may be one of his worst ideas yet.

Speaking of wrestling King Booker was victorious at Cyber Sunday making him the "Champion of Champions." Makes sense actually, since his World Championship has links back to the WCW World and NWA World titles, the oldest in the biz.

If you haven't been watching you are missing something really special on MSG with their 50 Greatest Moments series. A new one airs every Tuesday night, and they repeat the show multiple times during the week. When it comes to production and that sort of thing, MSG is one of the best.

I listened to Opie and Anthony for the first time in a very long time this morning. They were discussing the ouster of Don Rumsfeld, and they actually showed themselves to be pretty intelligent. Then Cindy Margolis came on the air and it became time to change the station. I don't have a problem with the shock jocks, but these guys do go over the line. When O & A orchestrated a man and woman attempting to have sex inside St. Patrick's Cathedral, I had a big problem with it. The hierarchy of the Church can be criticized for the pedophilia scandals that have rocked the Church, but when you interfere and basically make a mockery of the folks who are trying to practice their faith, that I have a big problem with.

I actually used to like Opie when he was with WBAB many years ago. But I was in college then and my tastes have thankfully evolved. At that time he was not as far out there as he is now.

My problem with the whole Howard Stern/Pete Townshend thing was that I don't see the humor when someone makes fun of some else for being abused as a child. I don't get it. But then again I don't listen to it, which is a good thing. Most rock stars have some strange stuff in their history, especially the guys who were around in the 1960s. I don't know if some of them try to accentuate their eccentricities or what, but I mostly don't pay attention to it.

I actually really don't understand the obsession with another person's sex life. That's what I have pretty much always gotten from Stern. I hope I don't offend anyone by saying this, but I think when you reach 30 or older, your tastes do not include Howard Stern. But who am I to say what people should and shouldn't like!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I saw a guy named Brooks Williams perform locally. Here's the deal with that: Monty Delaney has something called "Monty's Room" at his residence every now and again. This is where some of the musicians that he is buddies with come and perform, and Monty gets some pretty good food. So I walked about five minutes from my place to his and paid $20 bucks to eat and listen to a very talented musician. This led me to thinking about what makes a musician really successful and what makes them kind of a local circuit kind of guy. The answer was simple for me, it's talent, it's the music they play, their stage presence, but above and beyond everything else, again it's talent. I mean no disrespect but as good as this guy was and as good of a guy as he was, there is a major difference between him and someone like Eric Clapton.

I used to hear people say that minor league sports is great. That there are some real good athletes and it is not as expensive as the big leagues. True. Some would even say that it's better. Not true. I have gone to a fair number of minor league baseball and hockey games, as well as professional games. Their is absolutely no comparison. I respect the guys in the minors, but trying to draw a comparison is like comparing apples to oranges.

Still, I love being able to listen to guys and gals perform who are not as popular as the folks who get the most play on the radio. So that leads me to this from Monty's website:

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007
An Evening With Montgomery Delaney & Friends - 8PM
Irvington NY
Price: 25$
Westco Productions is proud to continue to present some of the finest in Adult Contemporary and Contemporary Folk that America has to offer. As of this writing, Montgomery will be joined by his good friend, singer, songwriter, slide guitarist extraordinaire, PAT WICTOR as well as the amazing new/NEW ENGLAND singer/songwriter on the block, ANAIS MITCHELL who is literally taking the country by storm with her debut release "Hymns For The Exiled". You will not want to miss this first major appearance by Anais in Westchester County. Montgomery will be joined on guitar by Grammy nominated guitarist Gil Parris and on percussion by the exquisite hands of Ali Chambliss. ORDER TICKETS NOW by clicking on the "THE IRVINGTON THEATRE" above...SEE YOU THERE !

He's a very talented and likable guy, if you get a chance I would definitely encourage anyone to go and check him out. He's not performing locally until that time which is kind of disappointing. Monty is also planning to release a new CD in early 2007.

If I hear anything new I'll be sure to pass it along.

The phone slammers decided to chime in about the election. I was so glad they gave their two cents on this topic. These two will tell you they don't know much about a subject and then they'll act like they do. If you need a mechanic, neither one of these guys would be able to fix your car, but they sure as hell will tell you all about it.

For some reason I find the Geico commercial where the caveman is in the airport and sees himself in a Geico promotional picture to be quite humorous. What adds to it is the music playing in the background. So if you can name that tune, I will give you a Cohiba cigar or at the very least I will buy you a drink at Starbucks. Or maybe I'll just shake your hand and say thanks.



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