Sunday, September 24, 2006

Where's Leetch Going?

So who should we believe? The Buzz on Hockey which you can find in my links section has been pretty reliable in terms of who is going where in the National Hockey League. Well, according to their recent postings, an imminent decision is expected from Brian Leetch regarding his future.

However, the New York Post(also in my links section) and "Leisure Suit"Larry Brooks says Leetch was working out virgorously in August, but for personal and family reasons has stopped skating the last three weeks. The Brooks' story, in today's paper, makes me think Leetchie is going to retire. The Buzz makes me think he is going to sign a deal with the Blueshirts this week.

I kind of have a feeling he is going to retire. By all accounts, the Rangers are the only team to express interest in Brian Leetch. So why wouldn't he jump at it? Unless, of course, he waits until January, and really gets an idea of who has the best chance of winning and then signs on for the remainder of the season. Or perhaps he is doing what his old buddy Mark Messier used to do and avoid the drudgery of training camp, only to sign a deal at the last minute.

Somehow I don't think that will be the case. Either way Brian Leetch was one of the best defenseman of the last 25 years and is going to the Hall of Fame. I have very mixed feelings about Leetch coming back to New York, but I hate so see the guy leave the game without a worthwhile playoff appearance. Stay tuned...

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