Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Welcome, September!

Greetings One and All!

I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend! The end of the summer can definitely be a downer, but this year it never really seemed as though summer got started. Extremely hot weather and some very bad storms throughout the area. Hopefully we will have a nice fall.

It takes me about a week to make the transition, usually. Although it is still officially summer, there is definitely a different mindset and feel once September hits.

Anyway, I finished The Bonfire Of The Vanities over the weekend. The bad weather on Saturday allowed me to fly through the ending of the book. Overall I would say it was very good. There were a couple of spots where I thought the book dragged a little bit. But then again it was about 700 pages so what can I expect. I never saw the movie and I've been told it's awful so I doubt I will rent it anytime soon.

So right now I am reading Blood And Gold by Anne Rice. Yep, another one of her books. Can't get enough! Definitely has improved my vocab and maybe made me a bit smarter, although I'm sure I don't look it.

Rescue Me is over with until next season. A great ending in the finale and I am really going to miss watching that show every week. I watched bits and pieces of Nip/Tuck last night and just couldn't get into it.

On the other hand...ECW has really rounded into form. Great combination of some WWE stars, some old ECW guys, and some new blood. ECW invades MSG this Monday night. Last night saw Big Show get disqualified against DegenerationX after Hardcore Holly interfered. DGX will face Show/McMahons in a couple of weeks in a "Hell in the Cell" match at Unforgiven on pay-per-view. A great tag team match saw Sabu/RVD defeat Mike Knox/Test. Probably one of the best tag team matches I have seen in a long time.

The John Batchelor Show which has been on WABC Radio for the last five years is on a temporary hiatus. Boy am I gonna miss that show. Really great radio. John would have guests on from literally all over the world covering many different political issues. Whenever I turned off the radio after listening I always felt as though I learned something. According to John's website, "ABC Radio Network is currently slated to cease to exist in 2007. The expected new ownership of ABCRN is the Citadel Corporation." I am assuming this is the reason why the show is currently off the air as he goes on to give an address listeners can write to in order to voice their opinion about the show. I hope Batchelor is back on the air somewhere soon!

According to The Who website: "The Who has inked a new deal with Universal Republic for the Oct. 31 release of Endless Wire, its first album since 1982's It's Hard. The set will feature the complete mini-opera Wire & Glass, a shortened version of which was released internationally last month."

Believe me when I tell you I can't wait to get this one! Kenney Jones was the drummer on the 1982 album, this time it will be Zac Starkey on the drums. Starkey, who joined Oasis in 2005, and is the son of legendary drummer Ringo Star, is awesome. I have only seen Keith Moon on tape, but when I have seen The Who live, it is eery how much Starkey resembles Moonie in appearance and his drumming ability.

The Who had two new songs on their Then and Now CD released in 2004. I liked both songs, especially, Old Red Wine, a tribute to late bassist John Entwistle. Dynamic stuff from Pete Townshend! I hope the new songs, 19 in all, are similarly as good.

Speaking of The Ox, Peter Frampton narrates a new DVD The Ox's Tale about the life and times of the late Who bass player.

So if the Mets and Yankees face each other in the World much money do the folks from Subway stand to make. I love those commercials with Willie and Joe and the food isn't bad either.


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