Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Something Light To Read

Today I make the difficult transition from the things I wrote in regards to the fifth anniversary of 9/11 to writing about some things that are quite unimportant in this world. So I decided to start with some pretty light hearted stuff.

First off, I played golf on Monday at Willow Ridge in Harrison, N.Y. All in all I played pretty well. However, there was a tremendous amount of trash talking that went on. Here are a few samples of some of the bantering that went back and forth:

I hit a pretty good drive on one hole and I was asked where it went. I said "Deeeep to center field!" So the next hole I hit a real monster of a drive and one of the guys I was playing with said derisively "So where did that one go Sean? Deeeep to center field!" I said, "No, further. It's in the black at Yankee Stadium." That was comment one from me that really got two of the guys annoyed. The next one came when Bobby had a 35-foot putt, which he left about 20 feet short of the hole. I said "It looks like you still got a little bit of meat left on that bone." That caused Frank to say "Hey Bobby do you believe this stuff. OK let's play a match." So it was Bobby and Frank vs. Cal and myself. We ended up tying but had a great day nonetheless. By the way this was some of the more printable things that were said.

Pet Peeves of mine include, but are not limited to....Being called Seanie. Yep, I don't know where it started. Actually, I do. But I don't like it. I wish it would stop. I know it's not an end of the world type of thing. But it still is annoying. If it were once in a while I wouldn't mind, but for a while it seemed as though I was going to have to change my name on my birth certificate. I don't recall every introducing myself as "Seanie" and I try to stay away from calling people anything other than what they introduced themselves to me as. In fact, there are not many people who call me "Seanie" anymore, it seemed to have peeked some time ago and thankfully, to most, I am Sean.

So the other day I am in the supermarket buying some grapes and as usual I see someone, in this case a woman, reaching into the bags and having a grape here and there. Now this is stealing is it not. I know one would probably say that it is only one grape. OK, so is it alright if I go and open a package of cookies and have just one cookie. To that I am sure one would reply but it is just one tiny little grape. OK so can I go open a container of peanuts and have one tiny little peanut. Don't mean to be a stickler but I would like to see shoppers keep their paws off the food. Even though I wash everything and that was before the whole spinach thing. But I have to say it really looks pretty low class actually when I see someone reaching into the bags of fruit and having a free sample.

Last night began pre-season action for the New York Rangers with a win over their cross-river rivals the New Jersey Devils. The Rangers used a lot of their prospects against the Devs. Good to see that the Blueshirt organization is now focused on developing players rather than stockpiling free agents who have already made their bones elsewhere.

Well, for now, that's all folks!

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