Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The World Sits On Edge...

So what exactly was accomplished by this war that took place between Israel and Hezbollah. Israel didn't get their kidnapped soldiers back. Close to 1,000 people died with probably billions of dollars worth of property damage being, combined from both sides.

Now there is a cease-fire. So what? So Hezbollla and Hamas can regroup and get more weapons from Iran and Syria. So that Saad bin Laden, who was sent to the Lebanon border a couple of weeks ago from Iran, can have enough time to build a cell of suicide bombers. I don't get it! The Israeli government is taking a lot of heat for not being as aggressive as many would have liked them to be. The populous is sick and tired and I don't blame them. When this war begins again, I would expect a full-scale, no-mercy, assault from Israel. This is a double edged sword, of course. Because on one hand it will destroy Hezbollah, on the other hand the war will spread across the region. Which would mean that Syria, and possibly, Iran would get involved.

But I will conclude that ultimately the world will have to face Iran. Tensions between the west and Tehran have been building since, oh, about 1979. Like it or not this is where the world is headed. That is why it would behoove the United States and her allies to get things settled in Afghanistan and Iraq. Because if you examine your map you will see that Iran is right in between those two countries which, I presume, would provide a militarily geographic advantage.
I ask those on the left and the right a serious question: How will you confront Iran?

August 22 is a day that the world is watching. It is the day that Iran will respond to a package of incentives for Tehran to ditch it's nuclear program. The package was offered June 6 and it was expected that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would reply by June 29. He did not, and instead said he would reply on August 22. So why is the world so worried? Well, apparently this is the day that the Prophet Muhammad visited Heaven and Hell before going back to Mecca. So from what I have read on-line it is feared that the Iranian President may mark this day with a major strike on Israel. Stay tuned...

We are going to see many of these false alarms at the airports over the next month or so. What we saw today with a United Flight from London to Washington, D.C. being diverted to Boston as a result of an unruly passenger, is going to be very common. Initial reports were that the lady was claustrophobic and then that she had a screwdriver, Vaseline, and a note referencing al-Qaeda in two languages. The second report was then reported to be false.

However, I want to say that although I do not believe in conspiracy theories. I will say that the airlines are going to be very careful. Meaning that unless they absolutely have to they may not always tell the truth. I would not be surprised if this lady did in fact have the items mentioned above. But that the folks at United would rather say she was unruly or claustrophobic. That won't hurt business. But if she did have those items, on the day when there was supposed to be that big attack that was foiled last week in Great Britain, it would make people more wary of flying and that will hurt business.

Again, stay tuned...

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