Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend Warrior

So Friday night I went to "Open Mic Night" in Sleepy Hollow for the Hudson Valley Writer's Center. They gave you five minutes to read, mostly people did poems, some did stuff they were working on like short stories, etc. I read "Compassion Long Gone" which I wrote a couple of months ago. Here is the link:

So anyway, I'm glad I had some folks to go with me. There were about 60 people in attendance. The setting was the Philipse Manor train station. Well, a part of it anyway. They have converted this section into their own home, the Hudson Valley Writer's, that is. So they had coffee and the usual sugar treats. I really enjoyed it. For $3 you sign up and you have five minutes to read your stuff. The crowd of course was polite. Except, two people got some cat calls, but that was only because they used some naughty words. Yes, some curse words are worse than others, especially, that nasty "c-word." It's kind of a shame because their writing was actually very creative and the use of that type of language just tunes out many people.

The whole thing lasted about two hours. I heard some really excellent and creative work. The age range was probably from early 20s to late 50s. That would be my guess. I only took one poem with me because for one, I was not sure I wanted to read at all, and two, I really didn't even consider bringing more than one with me. Some people read like four or five poems, so next time I think I will bring maybe three with me. The good thing was the lady in charge made sure no one went over the five minute mark.

This was my first of many that I plan on going to. The next one I believe is in Peekskill on September 1 sponsored by someone else. I may go if I can, I hope to...

In one of the bloodiest matches in WWE history Ric Flair made Mick Foley say "I Quit." I was wondering how they would play this off. Both men are legends of the squared circle and you have to have some type of angle to make it look good. So the angle was that Flair was like a man possessed, that Foley had never seen Ric Flair like this before. The storyline was that both men nearly bled to death. If you see the highlights they both certainly spilled some serious blood.

Hulk Hogan beat Randy Orton in the usual Hogan style. I wonder if they plan on giving the Hulkster one last push before he retires. Maybe give him the belt again. It appears that the crowd is really into him and right now there seems to be a lack of a real superstar with that type of crowd appeal.

In the only other match I cared about Big Show pinned Sabu to retain his ECW World Championship. Show looks to be unstoppable right now. He has toppled Flair, Undertaker, RVD, Kane, and now Sabu. He is really on a roll. I hope they keep him as champ for a while. I used to like in the old days how champions kept their titles for a while, like at least a year. Now it seems there is a new champ every week. But the fact that Show is so dominant, shows me that the McMahons and Paul Heyman are serious about ECW and bringing it back to its former glory of the late 90s. If they establish a great champion in Big Show it will prove that the promotion is a major player. Not as great as the WWE but certainly better than any of the indies or TNA.

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