Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Some Like It Hot...

I don't! Nope, I don't like anything extreme. Heat, cold, extreme religion. No. No. No. The only thing I like extreme is...Extreme Championship Wrestling!!! Big Show defends the ECW belt against Batista tonight. I watch that and Rescue Me on Tuesday nights. The only night I really make a point to watch something. Plus, I don't have to wake up early on Wednesdays.

By the way...stop, look, listen on this extremely hot day. What do you hear? Well, it's not anyone screaming for the shutdown of Indian Point!

Israel fought the Six-Day War in June of 1967 and kicked some major tail against Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. It is pretty scary that we are now in week three of this conflict. Israel has to beat Hezbollah. This is not only Israel's war, but the United States, and any country that wants to rid the world of Islamic terrorism.

I empathize with the people of Lebanon, but not the terrorists. Check out Beezer on his blog as he tells you how things are from the perspective of a civilian in Lebanon:


What a scary and unpredictable time it is in the world. President George W. Bush has an incredible opportunity to go down in history as a man who had great impact on the world. The question will be if he has a positive or negative impact. The crisis in the Middle East, the Iraq War, the war in Afghanistan, the Iranian and North Korean nuclear issues, and now Fidel Castro is ill. I have heard reports that he is not expected to last the weekend. Things are changing rapidly in the world. Some would say that we are in the "End Times" and my reply to them would be "I hope so." No I don't want the world to end. But I think that the first 15 years of this century will see dramatic change for the better. I hope for the end of terrorism and ruthless dictators like Fidel. I hope that people will see the images of war on television and realize that it would be better to learn to live together as opposed to slaughtering one another. One way or another things will change that I can guarantee.

Happy Birthday MTV! But you have not aged gracefully. I remember the early days of great videos from Van Halen, The Police, David Bowie, and others. The hair bands like Poison, who also had the best looking women in their videos. The infancy of rap with Blondie's "Rapture" featuring Fab Five Freddy and then later Run DMC and Aerosmith in a classic version of "Walk This Way." Today, however, MTV doesn't have as much music as they do just inconsequential stuff. Oh well. Happy Birthday anyway!

I still want my MTV!

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