Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Return Of Odds And Sods

So I was mostly right last week when I said that Kurt Angle, Sabu, and Rob Van Dam would square off tonight in a triple-threat match. This coming after RVD interfered in the Angle vs. Sabu match last week that would determine the number one contender for the ECW World Title. But I left out one detail. I forgot we are talking about ECW. So let's make this a triple-threat ladder match to decide who faces ECW World Champ Big Show this Sunday at SummerSlam on pay-per-view.

I would have to say that RVD wins this one. I don't know why. Let's call it a hunch! Should be an interesting show tonight for ECW on Sci-Fi live from Washington, D.C.

Also, Hulk Hogan chased Randy Orton from the ring last night at Monday Night Raw. Hogan faces Orton this Sunday at SummerSlam.

Ric Flair will fight Mick Foley in an "I Quit" match Sunday. I gotta think this is the last hurrah for Flair and Hogan. Both are in great shape. But I think their act has worn a bit thin, as of late.

Turning to baseball now...

I know a few weeks ago everyone had the Yankees missing the playoffs. Then they trade for Bobby Abreu and everyone has the Yanks and Mets in the World Series. I am not totally sold on either team in the World Series. Yes, the Mets are definitely in the post-season. However, I don't trust their pitching staff or their bullpen. The Bombers on the other hand could be without Hideki Matsui and Gary Sheffield the rest of the way. Two major, major losses for the Yanks.

Everyone seems to be looking to Alex Rodriguez to carry the Yankees. But it will take more than what A-Rod can provide. Consistent starting pitching down the stretch of the season for one thing. I have an idea for A-Rod...why doesn't he get a new number. I mean '13' is well, you know. I remember old New York Rangers' GM Neil Smith talking about Sergei Nemchinov wearing '13'. He said: "Russians aren't superstitious so it's ok." But if I was A-Rod I would give it a thought!

Running back Lee Suggs failed his physical. Thus, he will not be coming to the Jets. Question: Don't these guys know these things already?

I know some folks are clamoring for the return of Brian Leetch to the New York Rangers but...well, I'm not. You see I think the Blueshirts did a great job of moving forward last year and a move to bring in Leetch, would be a step back. Yes, he probably has one more good year in him. But not with this team. Times change and sometimes it's just better to move on. No?

Hope everyone is having a nice summer. As always, thanks for checking in and please keep coming back. While your at it...tell a friend!

Have a nice day!

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