Tuesday, August 22, 2006

No Surprise....

Nope not when it comes to dealing with the Iranians. They said today that they are "ready to get serious" about negotiations but were unwilling to abandon nuclear enrichment. Then they went out and attacked and took control of a Romanian oil rig in the Persian Gulf. Basically what is going on right now is that Iran is thumbing their nose at the west.

So exactly when will the west wake up?

Adolph Hitler was allowed to do his thing for far too long causing far too many lives to be lost.

Usama bin Laden virtually ran wild from the day the last Soviet Union tank left Afghanistan in February of 1989. We all know what an unchecked bin Laden has brought to the world.

So how long will the world wait?

We are nine days away from a U.N. Security Council deadline for Iran to halt their enrichment or face possible economic sanctions. Economic sanctions? Are you kidding me? Economic sanctions lead to war. Oh yeah, by the way, as most of you know Iran holds the world's second-largest oil and gas reserves. So they basically have the west in a compromising position?

I know, unfortunately, this will lead to war. Just depends when.

In last week's New Yorker Magazine, Seymour Hersh, wrote about how the United States planned to learn from Israel's assault on Hezbollah in preparation for Iran. You see Hezbollah has been tutored by Tehran in how to tunnel and hide weapons underground. In order to combat these tactics, some serious bunker busting bombs, similar to the 1,000 pound bombs dropped on the caves of Afghanistan nearly five years ago will be required. Well, by all accounts Israel underestimated Hezbollah's capabilities and now it is back to the drawing board.

Iran is a very complex issue and is going to need complete unification inside the United States and outside as well. By that I mean the world has to recognize the threat and be willing to confront it. But I know ultimately it will be the U.S., Britain, and Israel facing down Tehran. What else is new?

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