Thursday, April 02, 2009

Wrestlemania XXV Preview and Predictions: Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

Jeff Hardy takes on his brother Matt in an “extreme rules” match. This one should be very good and has the potential of stealing the show. I expect these two to beat the holy heck out of each other all over the Reliant Stadium in Houston. You can expect the Hardys to throw everything, literally, at one another and for both of them to jump off everything and anything that they can climb. “Extreme rules” matches have been done too often the last few years, but this one promises to deliver. Now the hard part is figuring out who will win. If they plan on making this a long feud, I expect Matt to win. If the plan is for Jeff to get drafted back to Monday Night Raw on April 13 and Matt to perhaps become a bigger star on Smackdown, then Jeff wins. Although, I wish Jeff was higher up on the card, this match will absolutely deliver.

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