Thursday, April 02, 2009

Wrestlemania XXV Preview and Predictions: Money in the Bank Ladder Match

I’ve heard it said before that the “M.I.T.B.” ladder match is a can’t miss and that there is no way the W.W.E. could screw it up. Well, this year they gave it the old college try in attempting to ruin it.

Shelton Benjamin, M.V.P., CM Punk and Christian are all solid entrants, but then there is Finlay, Kane and Mark Henry! Finlay has been in “M.I.T.B.” before and Kane does seem to have some agility for a big man, but Mark Henry on a ladder is just frightening. Still, this will be a very exciting match with some high-risk-taking moments.

For those that don't know, the match features a briefcase above the ring and a number of ladders surrounding the "squared circle." The object is to be the first one to climb a ladder and retrieve the briefcase. The briefcase purportedly contains a contract which allows the "M.I.T.B." match winner to cash in for a title match at any time during the coming year against any champion. Of course, your opponents try like heck to stop you with ladders and whatever else they can find, which makes this match unique

Who is going to win this year is anybody’s guess, but I think they go with Shelton Benjamin and try to put Benjamin in a sink or swim position for the next year. Benjamin has all the tools, but has always lacked “it” to become a major star. Perhaps, W.W.E. will see if Benjamin can handle the added spotlight and run with it, or if he will fumble the ball or in this case the briefcase.

CM Punk would be an interesting guy to have win the match, having won it last year. Meanwhile, reportedly Christian isn’t one of Vince McMahon’s favorites, but that could have been a W.W.E. leak to swerve everyone. Besides, Vince once referred to CM Punk as a "string bean" and he made him World Champion so who knows. M.V.P. recently snapped his long losing streak by winning the U.S. Championship from Shelton Benjamin, so perhaps his 2008 misfortunes are reversed to the point of a M.I.T.B. win and then a World Championship run this year. The twisted side of me has Mark Henry winning just to tick everyone off. Still, I’m going with Shelton Benjamin to come out on top in this match.

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