Thursday, April 30, 2009

Inside The Squared Circle: Random W.W.E. Thoughts

Last Sunday’s W.W.E. pay-per-view, Backlash, saw all three heavyweight championships change hands when Edge defeated John Cena for the World Championship; Christian downed Jack Swagger for the E.C.W. Title and Randy Orton came away with Triple H’s W.W.E. Championship in a convoluted six-man match.

I’ve always been a proponent for keeping the championships on guys for a long time, although I wouldn’t go as far as the days when Bruno Sammartino was the W.W.W.F. World Champ for nearly eight years, but the W.W.E. changes champions more than some people change their socks; both notions are pretty scary. Anyway, I’d really like to see Edge hold his title until next year’s Wrestlemania, but I’m pretty sure that CM Punk will cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase and take Edge’s title, or will he? The way the W.W.E. jerks Punk around, I could see him being the first M.I.T.B. winner to cash in and not win a major championship.

I also see no reason why the W.W.E. would not keep the W.W.E. Championship on Randy Orton until the big show next March. Right now, Orton is at his peek and needs the title to elevate his status further, what’s the point of taking the title off of him?

Triple H is taking some time off and hopefully will return as a heel. Hunter will first feud with Batista and then I think eventually will take on Shawn Michaels at next year’s 'mania in HBK’s retirement match.

According to the Daily News and others, Mickey Rourke broke his hand when he decked Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania XXV.

The W.W.E. is said to be serious about separating their three different brands. Hmmm, nice to see then that MVP (drafted to Raw) will take on Dolph Ziggler tomorrow night on Smackdown.

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