Thursday, April 02, 2009

Wrestlemania XXV Preview and Predictions: The 25-Diva Battle Royale

The W.W.E. always finds a way to get their ladies involved at Wrestlemania and a battle royale is the easiest way to get all of them into the action. Here are the confirmed entrants for the Wrestlemania XXV battle royale:

Mickie James (1), Melina (2), Candice Michelle (3), Beth Phoenix (4), Maryse (5), Gail Kim (6), Katie Lea (7), Michelle McCool (8), Maria (9), Kelly Kelly (10), Brie Bella (11), Nikki Bella (12), Natalya (13), Eve (14), Tiffany (15), Jillian Hall (16), Layla (17), Rosa Mendes (18).

That leaves seven spots, so here is who I think will fill those openings:

Molly Holly (1), Tammy “Sunny” Sytch (2), Trish Stratus (3), Victoria (4), Torrie Wilson (5) and Jackie Gayda Haas (6).

So that leaves one spot open which I feel will be filled by Santino Marella, unfortunately. Some of the seven have been confirmed, such as Victoria and Sunny. I heard Molly Holly, but have not seen it confirmed. Trish Stratus seems a logical entrant, but if she isn't than I would expect the near-octogenarian Mae Young to fill out a spot. I guarantee Young will be there in some capacity.

So how will this match shake out? There’s a couple of scenarios that I can foresee. First, if Trish Stratus is in the match I would like to see it come down to her and Beth Phoenix, so we get an impromptu “dream match” within the battle royale. Santino Marella would probably end up costing Phoenix the match, which would lead to Phoenix turning on Marella. The second scenario is that somehow, Mae Young wins and turns it into a complete joke.

This has the potential to be a pretty entertaining match, hopefully W.W.E. doesn’t drop the ball.

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