Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good New$ For W.W.E.: John Cena Is Coming Home

This Sunday John Cena returns from injury to the squared circle in his hometown of Boston, where he will undoubtedly beat Chris Jericho to become World Heavyweight Champion at the Survivor Series.

Cena is one of the most polarizing figures I have ever seen in pro wrestling. There are some that absolutely love the guy and there are those who – inexplicably – despise the man. I’m not really sure where I sit with Cena, but I know one thing, the guy means money to the W.W.E.

They’ve done a good job over the last few months of turning Chris Jericho into a mean-spirited heel, but he doesn’t necessarily transcend the “sport,” despite his reality t.v show, Redemption Song.

John Cena can.

He’s got the all-American look and is extremely well-spoken. He has also shown to be a good interview on Larry King, as well as someone that can yuck it up with the guys on The Best Damn Sports Show Period. He’s thrown out first pitches at Red Sox games and has appeared on Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards Show. Add in the enormous amount of charity work he does and the W.W.E. has an all-around winner in Cena.

He also has a passion for the business, which means he won’t run off to Hollywood and leave W.W.E. hanging.

Sunday night, the W.W.E. and half of their fan base will be very happy.

John Cena is coming home.


Sly said...


Amen brother! There's one thing you can never knock on John Cena; the passion he has for the business! I can't wait for Survivor Series. I'll be watching it over my friend's house. He will become champ! and also, he was slimed on @ the Nickelodeon Choice Awards! haha..don't ask me how I know that haha


Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Hey man, thanks for commeting and its cool to see you have your own blog also! sean