Thursday, January 03, 2008

Totally Abandoned by Kelly Gerard

Allow me to introduce you to my alter ego, Kelly Gerard. He’s been dying to post on this blog for a while now, so I give you Kelly.

Kelly writes...

Kelly, for a man's name? What kinda shit is that? What, you have never heard of Kelly Kisio? Former captain of the New York Rangers, wore number "11," and centered a pretty good line with John Ogrodnick and Brian Mullen. By the way, Kisio currently is the G.M./Head Coach of the Calgary Hitmen founded by Bret"The Hitman”Hart, Joe Sakic, Theo Fleury and some others. I continue...

Totally Abandoned. That’s the name of the supergroup that got together on New Year’s Eve to play some classic rock and roll songs. The lineup featured Pete Townshend, Eric Clapton, and Ringo Starr. I read on Rachel Fuller’s blog that she was going to be in the audience and she also added Joe Walsh would be there. I saw someplace else that the group did it from a pretty low key spot in London for tickets selling for under $100 and all the money going to charity. Fuller, is shutting down her blog, which has Sean a bit bummed. She didn’t give the reasons but said her concert jams, In The Attic, is in negotiation with Starbucks and Best Buy.

Funny, how this post has changed from when I originally wrote it this morning around 8:45 to now. Sean is extremely sad today, but just trying to get through the day. Please, refrain from commenting, he nor I am up for the “it’ll get better” stuff right now. Although we will be OK, it won’t be OK. This one has long term effects and impact. My expectations of myself and others is way out of whack. I really just want to crawl into a hole and die right now. But I’m just going to keep myself absorbed with my work and that will make the day go by. Family, holidays, bullshit, stress.

Oh yeah and to fuck with News12 and their henny penny style of broadcasting. It’s January, it’s cold, fuck off!

Yeah, and I couldn’t run on Dunkin’ this morning because of the huge line. So I drank piss coffee from an undisclosed neighboring coffee shop.

Oh well, boo hoo, woe is me. Time to get back to being the champion of ass kicking contests on one wooden leg!

Be lucky!