Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Monday Night Raw Recap and Comments

Unfortunately, I did not get to see Monday Night Raw in its entirety last night. But here are the results and some comments, as well.

The show opened with John Cena coming down to address the rowdy Philadelphia audience. I read that they had to cut the ringside microphone because of all the obscenities being hurled Cena’s way. This guy has people who really love him and also people who really hate him. Cena acknowledged the haters last night which was cool. He challenged Randy Orton to a title match right then and there. Orton came out and rejected the challenge saying he wants a bigger payday.

Instead Orton-Cena is set for No Way Out in February. Later on, William Regal and Vince McMahon discussed how the W.W.E. Champ’s opponent at Wrestlemania would be determined since Cena was cashing in on his championship match early. A decision was reached and Regal came out and announced to the crowd an "elimination chamber" match featuring Umaga, Jeff Hardy, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, JBL and Chris Jericho. The winner will fight either Cena or Orton for the W.W.E. Championship at Wrestlemania on March 30 in Orlando, Florida.

So where does this leave World Champion Edge? How will his Wrestlemania opponent be determined?

There was also a funny vignette - that I wish I had seen - which featured Vince McMahon telling his “illegitimate” son, Hornswoggle, that he was disappointed in his performance at the Royal Rumble.

Mr. Kennedy will also be facing Ric Flair at No Way Out – with Flair’s career at stake, of course.

Beth Phoenix & Jillian Hall def. Mickie James & Ashley
I got to see this bout and it was OK. Beth Phoenix should hold onto the W.W.E. Women's title for a long, long time. Turning Mickie James into an E.D.P (Emotionally Disturbed Person) has its humor, and it was pretty funny seeing Phoenix mock James’ crying.

Carlito def. Cody Rhodes
Typical match between these two. I don't get why Rhodes is W.W.E. tag team champion but in so many singles matches. Rhodes is good, but very green.

DX(Shawn Michaels & Triple H) def. Snitsky & Umaga
Only saw some of this match. The interview with Triple H and Shawn Michaels and then their ring entrances are priceless!

Mr. Kennedy def. Brian Kendrick
Did not see this one. Kendrick’s partner, Paul London, is due back from injury soon. The two are a great tag team and remind me of The Rockers. London, like Rhodes, should not be in singles competition at this point in his career.

Maria def. Melina
Got home just in time for this one. Santino Marella was at ringside and quickly covered up Maria when her underwear was exposed due to her pants being "accidentally" pulled down a bit while covering Melina for the pinfall victory.

Randy Orton & JBL def. Jeff Hardy & Chris Jericho
This was a real good match. I laughed out loud when JBL told Orton he had his back, only to roll out of the ring as soon as John Cena came running in.

Other thoughts...Two women's matches is two, too many. I like that they have given Jericho some snarl. A rich Texan who has put new roots down on Wall Street is really good. John Bradshaw Layfield is a guy I love to hate! Randy Orton has grown on me and seems to get better every week.

Keep it in the Ring!

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