Monday, January 21, 2008

A New Era Begins Tonight On Monday Night Raw

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to everyone! I find it to be pretty sad the way some politicos just b.s. about how in tune they were with Dr. King's message. Just sad. Thankfully, there are many out there who do appreciate the positive contributions that this man made, which were enormous.

Meanwhile, we venture up into the "squared circle" and get ready for Monday Night Raw. Tonight, the show goes HD (High Definition). I'll be very interested to see what the reviews will be for pro wrestling in HD. Hockey, I hear is fantastic! But the reservation in regards to wrestling is that it may expose some of the trickery that was previously covered up under the old format. Nonetheless, I look forward to another good Raw as this is the time of year to be a wrestling fan. Essentially, from November through the end of March is what I would consider the peak for wrestling. Simply, because the W.W.E. is on their "Wrestlemania footing" where the storylines become more and more clear.

Other than Raw being broadcast in HD, little else has been publicized about the event which is taking place in Richmond, Virginia. Shawn Michaels will take on Mr. Kennedy and Triple H will face a mystery opponent, whom he must beat to qualify for this Sunday's Royal Rumble.

In all probability, Big Show is not going to return until after the Rumble so I anticipate some kind of match where Triple H has to face three or four opponents in succession. Umaga, Santino Marella, Snitsky, and Carlito come to mind. There are currently nine spots remaining for the 30-man Rumble match, various reports are saying that there could be some "surprises." We'll see.

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