Tuesday, January 08, 2008

25 Years Ago Jimmy Snuka Leaps Off The Top Of The Cage!

Before Jeff Hardy made his leap, it was the legendary Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka doing so in a cage match at Madison Square Garden against W.W.F. World Champion, Bob Backlund, on June 28, 1982.

Snuka would miss in this one, but his fans can gain solace in the fact that he connected on the move in a cage match at M.S.G. against Don Muraco the next year, although it was after the match was over. Muraco had already won the match after being thrown by Snuka into the cage door causing it to open and Muraco's momentum carrying him to the arena floor. Muraco emerged victorious, but was dragged back into the ring where Snuka connected on the leap. That particular bout would inspire two youngsters to pursue pro wrestling: best-selling author, Mick Foley, and Iona Prep graduate, Tommy Dreamer, who were both in attendance that night.

I couldn't find footage of Snuka-Muraco, nonetheless, enjoy the above video, you'll have to fast forward to the 5:40 mark to see Snuka fly through the air. Vince McMahon provides the commentary. The above featured Snuka-Backlund match was named the "Match of the Year" by Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 1982.

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