Thursday, October 04, 2007

W.W.E., T.N.A. News, Update On Cena, No Mercy

The big shots of World Wrestling Entertainment were scheduled to meet today to discuss what the heck to do now that John Cena will be out for a minimum of six months, or a maximum of one year following Tuesday's surgery.

Cena, sustained a torn pectoral muscle during his bout with Mr. Kennedy. It should be noted that Kennedy was returning after sitting out for 30 days due to his involvement with the whole Signature Pharmacy bust in Tampa, Florida. Cena got hurt while trying to execute a hip toss, which looks to be pretty routine. I wonder if Kennedy's rust didn't have something to do with the injury. Cena amazingly finished the bout and then was attacked by Randy Orton following Cena's victory.

Meanwhile, the W.W.E. loses their biggest star. So who will face Randy Orton Sunday at No Mercy? McMahon, undoubtedly, will set up some kind of match where the winner is declared new W.W.E. Champ. Is this where Chris Jericho comes in? How about Shawn Michaels, who has been out since the spring recovering from knee surgery? Maybe Ric Flair. The legend has been at odds with the W.W.E. over his reduced role, but I've read that he can't quit the promotion because he still owes McMahon money for bailing him out a year ago from the I.R.S. There was talk of Flair getting one last run before he retires, similar to the story in the movie Rocky Balboa.

Whatever, the W.W.E. is without another top star. It's pretty uncanny when you think about it. Rey Mysterio, Edge, Undertaker, Mark Henry, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Bobby Lashley, and now Cena have all suffered severe injuries leading to extensive time away from the ring. Also ironic, is the fact that the W.W.E. was pushing the idea that Cena should not be fighting Kennedy so close to No Mercy. In essence, they were suggesting that Cena could get hurt. It was only the week before that Jonathan Coachman threatened to strip Cena of the title as part of a storyline. Now they actually do have to strip him of the belt, for a real reason! I hate to bring this up, but it kind of reminded me of when McMahon was playing up the angle of his "death" and then the Benoit tragedy occurred. It is only my observation, nothing more.

No question in my mind that this has had to have been the worst year for Vince McMahon and the W.W.E. The Benoit tragedy, numerous other former wrestlers dying, an exorbitant amount of top stars getting injured, the bad press, etc. It's gotta turn around, I think.

- Current Total Nonstop Action World Heavyweight Champ Kurt Angle was arrested for drunk driving last week. The story has now been picked up by all of the major media outlets. There's no truth to the rumor that Vince McMahon was pouring alcohol down Angle's throat.

-Total Nonstop Action goes to two hours tonight on Spike TV. Hey, if you want to be a wrestler T.N.A. is holding tryouts on October 28 at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

-Hulk Hogan signed a deal with NBC to be the host for the return of the once successful show, American Gladiators.

-Edge, who is scheduled to return at the Survivor Series may make an early return this Sunday. There are rumors that he will interfere in the "Punjabi Prison" match between World Heavyweight Champion Batista and The Great Khali.

- The Hornswoggle angle is funny, but I just don't know where they are going with this. I'd really like to see the W.W.E. cut out the chicanery and just have wrestling. What was wrong with Bret Hart vs. The British Bulldog in front of 80,000 at Wembley Stadium; or Bret vs. Owen at Wrestlemania X? Hell, Cena vs. Michaels at this year's 'Mania was pretty darn good. A little less Horswoggle would be nice!

- Rumor has it that Undertaker and his "brother" Kane will team up to face World Tag Team Champs, M.V.P. and Matt Hardy this Sunday.

- Speaking of Chris Benoit, can we all put aside the frivolous talk of whether or not he is going into the W.W.E. Hall of Fame. Yes, what he accomplished in the squared circle merits an induction. But it's just not happening!

- The W.W.E. continues to look for an actual place for their Hall of Fame, with Stamford Connecticut seemingly the most likely place.

Keep it in the ring!

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