Wednesday, October 24, 2007

W.W.E.: Are You Ready To Be Saved? Real Injury On Raw, Monster Mash

Are you ready to be saved? The answer will most likely come this Sunday when Chris Jericho makes his much anticipated return to action at Cyber Sunday. For the last few weeks, W.W.E. programming has aired those cryptic videos that have been apparently hyping the return of Y2J. There was some speculation that it was pumping up the debut of the "new" Hart Foundation, however, that all ended when Teddy Hart was fired shortly after being brought up to the main roster. So how do I think all of this will end?

Well, whenever I have seen any one of those videos I think of a computer virus, not only because of all the scrambling of letters and numbers, but due to the fact that when they air, it is always an unexpected interruption. The promos usually have been shown in the middle of a wrestler talking or when one of the t.v. guys is speaking. Let's tie this in to Cyber Sunday where the fans get to vote for opponents and match stipulations. I'm thinking that W.W.E Champ Randy Orton is is the ring awaiting his opponent - which could be either Shawn Michaels or Mr. Kennedy or Jeff Hardy - and none of the three come down, instead it's Chris"Y2J"Jericho who appears from backstage. The W.W.E. "explains" that some kind of weird computer glitch caused the votes to go for Jericho instead of the listed options. That's my prediction, but I am quite often wrong about such things.

I posted a video above of Candice Michelle getting injured in her bout against W.W.E. Women's Champ, Beth"The Glamazon"Phoenix. I'm not a huge fan of ladies wrestling, but folks, this was a real, nasty injury! Michelle is slated to be out eight weeks with a cracked clavicle. The match took place two nights ago on Monday Night Raw. Jim Ross and Jerry"The King"Lawler provide the commentary.

Next week's E.C.W. will feature a "Monster Mash" battle royal. Mark Henry, Big Daddy V, Kane, and The Great Khali will all try to oust one another over the top rope and to the arena floor next Tuesday night on Sci-Fi at 10. The total combined weight of the four is being billed as close to 2,000 pounds. I'm just wondering what happened to the Boogeyman and if he doesn't somehow get involved in all of this?

- Harry Smith, the son of the late Davey Boy Smith, made his t.v. debut on Monday Night Raw the other night. Original plans were for Harry to be part of the "new" Hart Foundation.

- Some of you may already know this: The number one college football team, Ohio State, boasts the best linebacker in the country, James Laurinaitis, a junior. So what? Well, No. 33 just happens to be the son of Joe Laurinaitis, better known as Animal of the legendary tag team, The Road Warriors.

Keep it in the ring!

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