Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Top Horror Movies

How can you not get into the Halloween fun when there are so many great movies on A.M.C. and the like. I decided to post my favorite horror movies. Above is a picture from the Jack O'Lantern Blaze in scenic Croton, N.Y.

1- Amityville Horror. True story or not, it's just a very scary movie. The remake from 2005 was good too.
2- The Exorcist. Based on a true story. I'd prefer to watch it during the day, except I like to be scared. So why not put it on at say, midnight!
3- The Black Cat. I found out recently that there are two versions with Bela Lugosi. The one that I like he teams up with Boris Karloff. The movie was way ahead of its time.
4- Interview with the Vampire. An early classic from Anne Rice turned into a movie. The book was better, of course. I saw Interview in the theater and remember many folks around me being pretty scared.
5- Rosemary's Baby. Classic, must-see film for any horror fan.
6- Halloween. A blank mask worn by a psycho terrorizing a neighborhood on Halloween means good stuff.
7- Friday the 13th. Before Jason, there was his mom. Because there were so many sequels the entire series of movies is snickered at quite often, but the original is a true classic.
8- Dracula. Bela Lugosi is the Dracula as far as I am concerned. This one probably deserves to be higher than "batting eighth."
9- Psycho. Anthony Perkins plays the perfect lunatic. You'll think twice about taking a shower after this one.
10- Night of the Living Dead. What, no Leprechaun? Dead folks rising up and overwhelming everyone while munching on humans. There are some pretty gross scenes in this movie and it's pretty dark. But overall, very good.


Rob Adams said...

Have you been to the Blaze? I went last year, and it was great. My family was supposed to go this year (we had a game to call), but that was the night of the wake for her grandmother.

See you tomorrow, and stay classy!

Sean G. Kilkelly said...


I actually went Saturday night. I took the picture that is included in the post with my cell phone. It's really something to see. Really a great event.