Wednesday, October 31, 2007

W.W.E.: Still Waiting to be Saved? Austin Returning, DX Reunites, Sting to W.W.E?

Apparently, the W.W.E. has decided to hold off on Chris "Y2J" Jericho's return, due to the fact that so many websites had him returning this past Sunday at Cyber Sunday. In fact, Newsday had him showing up at the Nassau Coliseum last night for the Smackdown/E.C.W. taping. We'll see if he is in L.A. next week for Monday Night Raw. Nonetheless, two videos aired on Monday night (first one is above). Some fans are getting restless, but I have no problem with it. There is even talk of Jericho going to Smackdown, but I bet he at least starts off on Raw because that show is live.

One person who will be at Raw next Monday is "Stone Cold"Steve Austin who will respond to Santino Morella's taunting in regards to Austin's movie, The Condemned.

DX will reunite for "one night only" according to Vince McMahon in L.A. on Monday. Shawn Michaels and Triple H are the DX, but I've got a feeling McMahon has something up his sleeve.

Sting's contract with T.N.A. expires at the end of this year, and although there has been talk of Stinger retiring, there are rumblings that the W.W.E. will make a strong push to bring him in. Jim Ross wrote about the possibility of Sting coming to the promotion, which signals that the W.W.E. will do everything in its power to sign the lone superstar who has never wrestled in the W.W.E. and has stated he would never work for McMahon.

- Ric Flair is reportedly back on good terms with McMahon and the plan is for Flair to make one more run before retiring. I'd love to see him take home one of the World titles at Wrestlemania. If there is one true legend in the business, it's Ric Flair.

- Two of the original members of the N.W.O. are said to be reuniting in T.N.A. Scott Hall is said to be joining that promotion to team with Kevin Nash.

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