Sunday, July 08, 2007

Really Catching Up!!!

I haven't blogged in a bit so there are quite a few things that I need to catch up on. Most importantly, Happy Independence Day to everyone! We should all count our blessings, starting with the fact that we live in this great country!

First off, I thank anyone and everyone who tuned in to the interviews Tommy Dee and I did with Frank Isola and Phil Mushnick. The Isola spot was really good; he was very accommodating. The Mushnick interview was a bit hard to swallow. Tommy Dee thought it was great radio, which I am sure it was. However, I did not like the fact that it was just too difficult to ask a question without being interrupted. At some points, I felt like I just had to shout him down or talk over him. Phil likes to make himself out to be the "moral watchdog," but his first lesson should be with himself and developing some simple manners.

My stance on the tragedy of what has gone on in pro wrestling may have gotten a bit muddled. I want there to be more done to prevent those in the wrestling industry from dying so young. At the same time though I believe in personal responsibility and I don't see how any reasonable person can pin the loss of so many wrestlers on one individual.

Meanwhile, I watched WrestleMania 23 on W.W.E. 24/7 and thought it was one of the most exciting events I've ever seen; sport or entertainment wise. The athleticism of guys like Shawn Michaels, John Cena, and Edge is unparalleled. I do hope that all of the current wrestlers learn a lesson from the Chris Benoit tragedy and get off any drugs they might be using.

Incidentally, Benoit's wife Nancy was known as Fallen Angel earlier in her career and played the role of Kevin Sullivan's sidekick in an alleged cult. I'm figuring that's where Hulk Hogan recently came up with the ludicrous idea that Nancy was into devil-worshipping. I thought the Hulkster knew this stuff is staged. I am curious to see how the Benoit tragedy affects the W.W.E. Will celebs still get involved? Apparently ratings have not been impacted because the W.W.E.'s programming is still number one on the USA Network, Sci-Fi, and CW 11.

Wade Boggs inducted his old buddy, the late Curt Hennig into the W.W.E. Hall of Fame back in late March. I guess he doesn't blame Vince McMahon for Hennig's death. Nor do Curt's wife or his father, former wrestler Larry “The Ax"Hennig, who were both in attendance at the induction.

Live Earth lacked punch for some reason. The list of folks performing didn't get me charged up. I think I'm a bit skeptical about Al Gore anyway. Contrary to reports, The Who did not perform, and were never scheduled to, which kind of surprised me because they usually play at festivals with big crowds and that sort of thing. But they had a previous gig scheduled in Denmark. They also closed out the festivities at Glastonbury on June 25 and will wrap up their extensive world tour in Helsinki tomorrow night.

The last couple of years have been pretty busy for them with the new album Endless Wire being put out and the story that the album is based on The Boy Who Heard Music being made into a musical and currently being performed around the world. Pete Townshend's memoirs are due out in the next year or so and then there is the 40th anniversary of the Tommy album in 2009. A movie is planned about the band and another one about Keith Moon is due out starring Mike Myers; plus there may be another album. All in all I guess they'll be pretty busy. There are rumors that they will be coming to NYC in October or November. I hope so. It's been a couple of years since I've seen them and hope to see them again.

I remember I bought tix to see The Who and Robert Plant and Jimmy Page at Madison Square Garden a few years ago; I think it was 2002. But Page hurt his leg so he and Plant had to bail out. The show went on and was great, but I don't recall the band that opened for The Who. I do remember literally bumping into the very tall Lenny Kravitz.

So Islanders GM Garth Snow says that he was really targeting Mike Comrie and Bill Guerin all along. Yeah, right. We're all stupid Garth. I'm sure he was fine with losing Ryan Smyth after giving up essentially three first round picks for him.The Rangers nabbed the top free agents available in Scott Gomez and Chris Drury and everyone moans. Hey, there within the cap so what difference does it make? Besides, let's see how the team gels before we crown them Stanley Cup champions. Another defenseman would be nice also.

The Devils signed former New York Rangers’ Karel "The Raccoon" Rachunek and Kevin Weekes. Weekes was disappointed that he did not play more with the Rangers, however, I don't understand how he could feel that he is going get more ice time with the Devs, then with the Rangers. The easiest and least active job in sports is backing up Marty Brodeur. Still, the Blueshirts had no intention of bringing Weekes back. Stephen Valiquette cost less, it's that simple. Plus super prospect Al Montoya figures to get a look also. Montoya is of course cheaper than Weekes.

The Rangers showed no interest in resigning checking forward Jed Ortmeyer, which I believe is a mistake. New York's season turned around not only because Henrik Lundqvist picked up his game but also due to the return of Ortmeyer, whose tireless work on the penalty kill will definitely be missed. Orts was once labeled a "future captain" by Mark Messier, I guess he'll do that some place else. I'll add this: come trading deadline the Rangers will be looking for an Ortmeyer-type. Good luck in Nashville, Jed.

I think the Knicks and Nets did well at the draft. I'm just concerned about another bad apple in Zach Randolph being on the team. No one questions his talent, but off the court it's another story. Do the Knicks need more bad p.r?

I know July 4th just passed, but Giants' and Jets' football will be here before you know it.

Can the Yankees please somehow get rid of Johnny Damon? Pretty please? I've heard it suggested that the Bombers will go after Seattle's Ichiro Suzuki in the off-season who is a free agent.

For some reason the press didn't pay much attention to the attempted assassination on Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf. Uh, a nuclear-armed Pakistan being taken over by jihadists would be pretty bad news. No?

Incidentally, Al-Qaeda's number two released a video tape and then the attempt on Musharraf's life occurs. I've read and heard on t.v. that every time Ayman al-Zawahiri puts out a video message something bad happens. But somehow we are supposed to believe that the central command of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan have no influence on what's going on? Yeah right.

I finished a good one recently: The Bravest Man, which was about the lethal sub, the USS Tang during WW II. I just jumped into Rangers In World War II, which is about the very beginning of the U.S. Army Rangers. I'll report back to you on it.

Finally, what would be a posting without a funny video? This guy had a tough night at the office hosting his talk-show. Just take the kiddies out of the room before listening!

Stay Cool!


Rob Adams said...

Sean, I would like to say thank you for your intelligent discussion about all of these hard-hitting topic...


Sean G. Kilkelly said...

I wonder if this guy gave up after this show. I think I would.

Rob Adams said...

I think he moved over to afternoon drive on WGCH.