Thursday, July 12, 2007

I've Got A Hunch...

I would love to rant and rave about the idiocy that reigns supreme in our government, particularly, the number one offender of anyone with an inkling of common sense: Michael Chertoff. The Department of Homeland Security's head is playing down reports today that al-Qaeda is as strong right now as they were pre-9/11. Chertoff has said more than once over the last couple of weeks that he believes an attack on American soil will occur this summer. There have been reports this week that the "chatter" is scary high and that the word "nuclear" keeps being used. Throw in the fact that al-Qaeda's leadership has reconstituted itself in western Pakistan - also known as Waziristan - after Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf made some "look the other way" deals with the tribal leaders there. So Chertoff's got a "hunch."

Chertoff told reporters he had a "hunch" something was coming, basically because he supplied nothing further to back up his claim that the U.S. is going to get hit in the next couple of months. Many people are skeptical because of the timing of his statements. Are they a distraction from Iraq?

If it is true that al-Qaeda is getting stronger than we've got big problems. Reportedly, their media wing is working o.t. releasing over 60 messages so far this year. But saying that you've got a "hunch" when it comes to the security of the homeland is a joke. I've had no faith in Chertoff from day one, but this pretty much shows that he is the number one boob around. But I'm going to stop myself from ranting and raving right now. That's because I feel a hunch coming on. I think I know where former NHL forward Joe Murphy's skates are. What? Pardon me while I transmogrify this post from the cynically serious to an attempt at being clinically funny. The story goes that in the middle of the "glorious" 1999-2000 season, Joe Murphy was invited to train with the New York Rangers for a couple of weeks and then if all went well he would sign with the team. Murph worked out with the Broadway Blues up at their former training facility at Rye Playland for a bit and then decided instead of signing with the Blueshirts, he would head to Beantown to play for the Bruins. The General Manager at the time, Neil Smith, was so incensed when he heard the news, that he raided Joe Joe's locker and threw his skates off the boardwalk into the Long Island Sound. I posted the above picture because this is the general area of where those skates were deposited. I'm thinking of diving in and searching. Maybe, Geraldo Rivera could host a show when I retrieve Murph's skates.

One more gem about Joe Joe: During the 1992-1993 season, Murphy played for Head Coach Mike Keenan and the Chicago Blackhawks. During a game, Keenan tapped Murphy on the shoulder to go in; Murphy in all seriousness turned around and told "Iron"Mike that "Joe Joe doesn't feel like playing right now. He's too tired." Needless to say, Murph's ice time was cut down the rest of the season.

See that wasn't too bad. Just a mini rant!

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