Wednesday, July 25, 2007


UFOs over Stratford, UK? The above picture says so, what say you?

President Bush gets no credit for the strong U.S. economy and continues to get hammered on anything and everything that goes wrong in the universe. Bush has made some poor decisions, but I bet you that history will judge him much kinder than the press and voters currently are. Bush should go after the Al-Qaeda and Taliban being protected in western Pakistan. The military must dismantle the nine terrorist camps in operation there and also nab the brain trust of the terrorist group. Allowing those camps to run unchecked means we are no safer than before September 11, which would be a disservice to Americans and all those troops who have been injured or killed during the War On Terror. Yes, Bush should send the military over the border from Afghanistan into Pakistan, until the job is complete.

Barack Obama was spectacular during the CNN Youtube debate the other night. Many people want to see Obama paired with Hillary Clinton, even though Obama is being pushed as an "outsider" and not a veteran of Washington D.C. politics, so teaming him with Hillary makes little sense from that standpoint.

Obama and Republican Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, both wrote essays in Foreign Affairs Magazine this month that are must reads.

Soon Barry Bonds will break Hank Aaron's home run record. This got me thinking about someone who got all red-faced and started screaming at me when I said Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak will never be broken. Yes, "never" is quite a long time, however, Joe D. set that record in 1941 and no one is breaking it this season, that I can guarantee you!

Michael Strahan may be a Giants' holdout...ho hum!

WFAN's Bob Heussler told Tommy Dee and I on Blog Talk Radio that he is bullish on the W.N.B.A. You may want to check out the Connecticut Sun playing the NY Liberty tomorrow night on MSG. I'm not really a fan of the W.N.B.A., but I respect their talents.

Al Arbour coaching his 1,500th game for the Isles is a stunt that surprises me because it involves Arbour. He'll step behind the bench on November 3 at the Nassau Coliseum against the Pittsburgh Penguins. This just stinks! It reminds me of when Gordie Howe skated one shift with the Detroit Vipers of the now-defunct I.H.L. (International Hockey League) just so Mr. Hockey could say he played in six decades. Just lame!

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