Monday, May 22, 2006

A Tribute To Who a poem by Sean G. Kilkelly

When I was a young boy,
I wanted to be a rock star,
Drive a flashy car,
Sing live for cash,
Smash a guitar like Townshend,
Strum the bass like the late Entwistle,
Drum like the preternatural Moon,
My vision I can see for miles,
Singing like Roger,
Makes the girls smile,
Thanks to you blokes,
I could choke back the crocodile tears,
My fears disappeared.
For love reigned over me,
Because I wouldn't get fooled again,
While riding the magic bus,
Where I'm a substitute for another guy,
An extinguished flame used to do nothing,
But la la la lie,
That was plain with the naked eye,
For this woman told so many f'in' lies,
I used to be so sad about us,
But now I'm a regular happy jack,
Dreaming from the waist,
For I'm a man,
You better you bet,
Or a slip kid if you prefer.
For the kids will always be alright,
A pinball wizard I am,
Tommy, I can hear you,
There would be nothing like playing in The Who,
The girls could see me, feel me, touch me,
For I am quite tired of having to say,
Do you come here often?
But please don't introduce me to Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand,
Although those pictures of Lilly made my life so wonderful,
Even more so would be a world to travel,
To sing my songs aloud,
Always to a large crowd,
For I would be proud to play in The Who,
Do you want to see my tattoo?
It's really up to you,
But first I really need to know,
Who Are You.

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