Monday, May 22, 2006

The Perfect Eve a poem by Sean G. Kilkelly

I awoke this morn',
No forlorn for good reason.
For there you were standing on the balcony,
Admiring the salty sea.
A statuesque beauty,
You often leave me breathless,
Just looking at you,
So perfect you are,
The fullness of your lips,
A Mediterranean exquisiteness,
To your sexiness.
Loving you is such a splendid craziness,
I'm feeling like I am in a haze,
From your alluring gaze,
Perhaps lost in this maze of love.
My head feels kinda warm,
There's no need for alarm though,
For I know it's my baby's charm,
Just admiring you gives me reason to be alive.
There is nothing in my life,
Like looking at you my little darling,
More beautiful than a seaside sunset,
More gorgeous than a clear celestial evening.
I kissed you under shooting stars the first time,
With the moon smiling down upon us.
Just a glance from you is all it took,
Your look was mesmerizing,
An angelic face with a devilish body,
All dressed up in Victoria's lace.
My irresistible Eve,
The temptation is too great,
The apple I must have,
A bite will not suffice,
I must have all of you,
Come in from the balcony,
Don't say no to me,
Make my fantasy reality.

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