Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Poems By Sean G. Kilkelly

Note: A nice lady once told me I should write poetry. I thought, yeah right after I finish my quiche. Well, this is just a start. Hope you like them and OK OK enough with the wisecracks.

Mustang Sally's
Here's my latest diddy about love,
This time about a red-headed dove;
I always forget the year,
Maybe it was the beer;
You used to act so aloof,
Smoking cigarettes under the awning,
Oh your little joke had me yawning;
It was a Friday night,
I was feeling right wanting to get tight;
Just came from The Garden,
Where Mess just beat up Gary Galley,
Now I'm inside the Mustang Sally's;
The music is blarin'' Come Dancin'
A song about the local pally.
This poem now goes sour,
Despite you drinking whiskey sour;
I had a few Amstels a few Jim Beams,
Well it would seem,
Our adolescent behavior,
Made us want to scream;
No longer can we endure,
Each of us acting so insecure,
Our love was once so pure;
But that night you got on the number four,
Babe we both knew we were through;
No words to be spoke,
Just a song came into my memory,
By a folksinger named Montgomery;
He sung about two broken balloons,
Hung up in a tree,
A monument to lovers that used to be;
I think he was singing about you and me.

A Strange Place For Love
What's your hurry honey
No need to race up the Hutchinson Parkway;
Indeed we'll be in my place before too long
No I think it wrong to pull over here;
Well persistent one if you insist,
However, I must say
This place you wish to play
Got me feeling some anxiety
Over your spontaneity;
We better keep it hush hush
Or maybe being watched
Is part of the rush;
Don't know about you
But only in ficticiousness am I an exhibitionist;
But then again with all due respect
What else could I expect
Of a girl from Throgs Neck.

My Evil Visitor or Don't Burn the Candle at Both Ends
Good Evening, sir
My evil visitor
Oh so sinister
Eyes that glow
The size of you I do not know;
Though an immeasurable terror you emanate
How great this displeasure which I cannot escape;
Why oh why
Is all I can cry;
My arms can't move
My legs won't let me get free;
Did you come to take my soul
Or was it my body you wished to steal from me;
I don't know your name
Nor can I make out your face
Was this all a dream
Or was it real and you really did invade my space;
I'd rather not know
If it meant seeing you again
Your presence is not welcomed, sir
My evil visitor.

Hey Jezebel
Hey Jezebel the time has come for me to tell
Oh what a crime our love went to hell;
As smooth as a dove's flight
Oh so destructive your seductive might;
Gee I wish someone told me 'bout you
For on cue the fun would come undone;
How your hold would quickly unfold
After sheer bliss through a sensuous kiss
Oh Jezebel then came your prickly hiss;
The pain from our swoon was a monsoon like rain;
Hey Jezebel we sought a way yet got caught astray;
Once a bond of fond recall
Now after the fall
We are no more
Than a shattered amour.

My Dearest Erotica
My Dearest Erotica,
Your body so sweet like the sound of a harmonica,
The allure of your baby blues send me into hypnotica,
Not to mention the way you play Beethoven and The Appassionata;
Your wavin' blonde hair got me misbehavin'
The nether part of you got me in a dither;
From coast to coast,
I obsessed for what you possessed my seductress;
I'm going to make the most of this trip,
Those succulent lips and bodacious hips,
No wonder I'm feeling so jubilant.

My Dearest Erotica,
Such a high when we were nearest;
Quite more than just lust;
An intense affair,
A love so rare,
I do not dare to care,
That the rarefied air,
Of our tryst will no longer exist;

My Dearest Erotica,
Our love once rose like a great pine,
The sweetest wine I've imbibed,
A libation of great liberation;
No need for weariness just cheeriness,
My Dearest Erotica.

Thinking Of You
Thinking of you, baby
Maybe take a drink over you;
Missin' the kissin'
Wishin' I didn't have to go fishin' again;
Thought this was the one,
But that came before all was said and done;
How lame our decline,
I'm inclined to deny blame;
This serious separation got me delirious,
No reparation needed,
Just heed my call,
Let's end our separation,
And again fall in love without consternation.

Last Call
I hope this is my last call,
Last night I suffered quite a fall;
It's 1998,
Man is it gettin' late,
Here I am again in the bar,
My life not goin' too far;
My familiar corner stool,
The usual fools and jocularity,
I hope this is my last call.

Now it's early July 1999,
No I am not feelin' too fine,
I don't drink wine just beer;
For again I sit in sorrow,
Cheering for a better past,
While fearing tomorrow;
This used to be fun,
When I wasn't the only one;
Now it's just me and the bartender Joe,
Whose gotta know I'm feeling real low;
We split a plate of fries,
While Frank sings Angel Eyes:
"Hey drink up all you people
Order anything you see
And have fun you happy people
The laugh and the drinks on me"
That make me think of you Anne-Marie;
Ole Blue Eyes surmises,
"Angel eyes that old devil sent"
I think it's no surprise I can't pay my rent,
I wish I gave this up for Lent;
By now I should have had enough,
Mr. Bartender I've been thinking it over,
It's time for me to get sober.

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