Monday, May 22, 2006

After School a poem by Sean G. Kilkelly

It was so sophomoric
Maybe even moronic.
But what a raucous I caused,
You know being in an all boys school,
Wasn't always so cool.
Like a fool I bought a magazine by Hef,
But wouldn't you know it I got caught by Father Jeff.
I used to think he took too many drinks,
To notice how deft I was,
In concealing this mag that some would say was a dirty rag.
He got so bloody mad he even called my dad,
Fr. Jeff told him his blood pressure was cooking,
For I was caught looking at a picture of a lady in the nude,
Which he thought was extremely rude.
Like a crook I was confined,
But while he was swigging white wine,
I had one eye on the magazine,
Looking at what God made so fine.

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