Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thoughts on W.W.E. Extreme Rules, Raw, Draft

Extreme Rules
I thought the W.W.E. put on a very good pay-per-view this past Sunday night with Extreme Rules. I was happy with most of the results. I would have liked to have seen Batista beat John Cena, but apparently Batista is leaving, or is he? Last night on Raw, Batista won a triple threat match to become the number one contender to John Cena’s W.W.E. Championship. However, it was reported yesterday that Dave Batista was leaving W.W.E. to pursue acting. I can understand why Batista would leave considering the amount of injuries he has sustained the last few years, but right now his heel character is the strongest it has ever been.

The W.W.E. Draft/Raw
Monday Night Raw certainly got the upper hand last night. Edge, Chris Jericho, John Morrison and R-Truth are all headed to Raw and Edge quickly made his presence felt by spearing Randy Orton at the end of the triple threat match and essentially helping Batista win. Edge is going to bring a lot of energy to the show, which has been lacking since Shawn Michaels retired.

Finally the Hart Dynasty is getting their due. I’m interested to see if W.W.E. gives these guys a long reign as champs. It was around a year ago that E.C.W. had its strongest roster with Jack Swagger, the Harts and Evan Bourne. So now that we have Swagger and the Harts getting pushed, perhaps Bourne will get drafted to Smackdown during the supplemental draft today. A move to the blue brand would definitely help his career.

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