Friday, April 30, 2010

Is Jim Ross Done?

The contract Jim Ross has with the W.W.E. expires today. Ross has been very open about his situation. He has discussed on his blog his expiring contract, his disappointment in not working Wrestlemania 26 and a meeting he had with T.N.A. officials. Ross also wrote about the tension that exists between some of the current broadcasters on W.W.E. television, which was very evident this past Monday night on Raw.

Apparently Jerry Lawler has no use for Matt Striker and that definitely came across on television, and no it was not part of the script. I read an opinion that Ross is exactly what T.N.A. needs and I strongly disagree, Ross is exactly what the W.W.E. needs. I can’t imagine any sport allowing its best broadcaster to sit home. I don’t know what the W.W.E. has against the Oklahoman, but hopefully some kind of sanity will prevail and Ross will be back behind a W.W.E. microphone sooner rather than later.

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