Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Inside The Squared Circle

There’s plenty going on these days…

Jack Swagger is the new World Champion and has been booked in a very strange way. Swagger has not come off as being a strong champ, in many ways it reminds me of how CM Punk’s first run as champion went. I’m interested to see if they really build Swagger up over time or if he drops the title pretty quickly. Swagger has enormous natural talent and is a favorite of mine. I would hate to see W.W.E. waste his potential.

Smackdown will be moving to Sy-Fy this October and it is rumored that at that time, NXT will become a part of history.

Carlito stated last night on Raw that if he is not drafted to Smackdown he will quit. Carlito has always been rumored to be a malcontent, but it would be a shame if he left unless if he went someplace worthwhile and I don’t consider T.N.A. to be that place. If he does leave he’ll probably go wrestle in Puerto Rico. I thought the W.W.E. made a mistake by breaking up Carlito and Primo as neither has really done much since then.

Ezekiel Jackson will be out for 3-6 months with a torn quadricep (thigh) muscle.

Brock Lesnar recently said in an interview with ESPN that he would be open to guest hosting Monday Night Raw. Lesnar is the type of guy that W.W.E. should be targeting for that role; former stars that have a clue about the business and can speak on the microphone. There's a big difference between reciting lines in a movie or a t.v. show and doing it in the forum of pro wrestling and that's why so many guys have failed at being the guest host.

For me, however, I would be very happy if they scrapped the whole thing altogether.

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