Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Worst First Place Team Ever?

The New York Rangers pulled into first place in the Atlantic Division by one point over the Philadelphia Flyers as a result of last night’s 2-1 victory over the New York Islanders. The Rangers, incidentally, have played two more games than Philly.

I’ve read all season long how the Rangers lack toughness, consistency, grit, goal scoring and better food for the media. That last one is a joke, obviously, but all season I have heard guys like Larry Brooks (whom I usually agree with) ripping the Rangers.

Are they a perfect team? Not by a long shot? But who is, really? Detroit? Boston? San Jose? No, no and no. The other notion that the Rangers should bring back Sean Avery is absurd. Avery played a key role with the Blueshirts, but let’s remember they won one round in each season that he was on the team. Are the Rangers capable of winning one round with the team the way it is presently constituted? Absolutely. Can their world-class goalie, Henrik Lundqvist, get hot and carry them deep into the playoffs? Undoubtedly. Point being, I’ve never heard of a team get ripped so much even when they win.

If I've learned anything about sports over the last few years, though, it's that the "experts" really don't know all that much.

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