Friday, January 09, 2009

Low-Ki Signs With W.W.E.

While the W.W.E. was busy cutting 10% of its workforce (behind the scenes staff) over at Titan Towers in Stamford, Conn. yesterday, one of the best wrestlers in the world signed with the company. Low-Ki who boasts the lethal combination of mixed martial arts and high-risk maneuvers in his repertoire, won a match last night in the W.W.E.'s minor league, Florida Championship Wrestling. His website has since confirmed his signing with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Ki is an alum of Ring of Honor, but most recently has worked in Japan. He also spent some time in T.N.A.

I find this signing to be very intriguing because of Low-Ki's style. The W.W.E. should capitalize on a roster with Ki, Rey Mysterio, Jamie Noble, Mexican high-flyer/m.m.a. expert Dos Caras Jr. (debuting at the Royal Rumble) and Evan Bourne (when he returns from injury) and bring back the cruiserweight division and the W.W.E. Cruiserweight Championship, which was shillelaghed when Hornswoggle won the title during the summer of 2007.

I can't wait to see how they use Low-Ki and just hope they don't blow it. I found the above video of his top 10 moves, courtesy of YouTube.

Incidentally, talent cuts are rumored to be coming today. The only names I have heard bandied about have been Cryme Tyme.

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