Friday, January 09, 2009

Book Review: "Hitman" By Bret "Hitman" Hart Part III

I miss reading Bret's book, I really do. Currently, I am reading the literally laugh out loud autobiography by Chris Jericho, A Lion's Tale: Around The World in Spandex, which I am thoroughly enjoying. Yet, I still miss reading Bret's book. Announcer Jim Ross said he read Hart's book twice, which I may do at some point, but right now there are too many other books I have my eyes on.

Bret's autobiography tells a tale; Hitman shows why Bret was a great storyteller inside the squared circle. Bret Hart says that he didn't need his lines scripted, nor his matches. "The Hitman" describes in his tome how he would go over a match from beginning to end with his opponent. I can see why Bret was a favorite of Vince McMahon's for so long, because I've heard one former W.W.E. writer say that Vince implores his staff to "tell him a f***ing story dammit!"
Bret could tell some very good stories in the ring with even some of the worst opponents and the greatest of stories while working with some of the best.

But then things changed.

That's the part I will never understand and I suppose we will never know the true reasoning of the Bret Hart-Vince McMahon divorce. Sadly, Bret never got that great sendoff that Ric Flair received one year ago. "The Hitman" was knocked out of action by the sloppy style of Bill Goldberg, which Hart says eventually led to his stroke in 2002.

Former head of W.C.W., Eric Bischoff, said that Bret never recovered emotionally from the "Montreal Screwjob" when "The Hitman" jumped to the main rival of the W.W.E. in 1997. Bischoff stated that although he didn't use Hart correctly, Bret was no longer the performer he once was.

The heart of Bret Hart had been ripped out.

To be continued...

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