Thursday, September 27, 2007


OK, I wanted to hold off on videos for a while, however, I'm making an exception. This one - do I even need to say it is courtesy of YouTube - is being aired on all of W.W.E.'s programs. Most likely, it is hyping the return of Chris"Y2J"Jericho to the promotion. I have read, though, that it could be giving some clues in reference to the debut of the "new" Hart Foundation. The "new" Foundation is a variation of relatives and in-laws related to the "original" group, that included Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart. Anyway, the video is pretty weird!

Apparently, when it is paused in certain spots there are little tidbits that supposedly reference either Jericho or the Hart Foundation. I also saw the word "Skittles" in a couple of spots, who are a big sponsor of the W.W.E. If I had to guess, the video has to do with Jericho, simply because he is rumored to have inked a seven-figure deal with the W.W.E. I've read that wrestling fans for the last few months have been holding up signs or chanting "Save Us Jericho" at the various arenas that the W.W.E. visits. Jericho, is a big star and has a book coming out soon, many believe he is what wrestling needs right now to right the ship.

By the way, Jericho was born on Long Island and is the son of former New York Ranger, Ted Irvine. Even if you are not a wrestling fan, watch this video!

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