Monday, September 24, 2007

Nationwide Steroid Bust; W.W.E. Impact? Randy Orton Suicide Attempt in 2006?

According to Google news and various other news outlets, the Drug Enforcement Administration announced today that 124 people were arrested nationwide as part of "Operation Raw Deal." Those nabbed were allegedly involved in an international steroid ring. Nineteen more people will be cuffed according to the report. Arrests were made in California, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Rhode Island, Missouri and Connecticut.

I can only imagine what the implications of all this will be on pro sports and pro wrestling. The W.W.E. is still reeling from the 11 athletes that were connected to Signature Pharmacy in Tampa, Florida. As soon as Vince McMahon was given the list of names by the Feds earlier this month, those 10 were suspended for being connected with getting steroids, painkillers, etc. from the Tampa pharmacy. Many of those wrestlers were involved in major angles and held championships, which I mentioned the other day. King Booker was suspended 60 days because the Signature bust was his second offense, however, he decided to quit the W.W.E. instead of sitting out.

I said there were 10 that got suspended of the 11 names. No, that was not a typo, Randy Orton for some reason was not punished. Perhaps, because he is currently involved in a major story with W.W.E. Champ John Cena. Orton should have been suspended for 60 days, like King Booker, because this was his second offense in violation of the W.W.E.'s Wellness Policy. Apparently, Orton was in fact suspended in 2006. The Feds' report on Signature Pharmacy stated that Orton received a shipment of H.G.H. from the pharmacy as late as February 2007. So I'm not sure how the suspension in '06 relieves Orton of an offense that occurred this year. It certainly calls into question the legitimacy of the W.W.E.'s Wellness Program and gives the tabloids plenty of fodder, but more importantly will raise eyebrows in Congress who are set to call Vince McMahon and others to Washington, D.C.

Orton is a big star, but I can't imagine this going over well with the other W.W.E. superstars, especially those who were punished.

There is also a report by author Irv Muchnick (not to be confused with blowhard Phil Mushnick) that Randy Orton attempted suicide in 2006. Click here to read more.

Things just keep getting stranger in sports/sports entertainment. I'm very curious to see what comes out of this latest bust. I have a feeling it's going to get very ugly!

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