Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Circus Comes to the East Side

Yeah, usually the circus visits Madison Square Garden, but this week they will be on location at First Avenue and 46th Street, a.k.a. the United Nations. Not only does New York City have to deal with the added gridlock that comes from all these "good folks" getting together at the U.N., but for added enjoyment we'll get to listen to Venezuela's Hugo"Mr.Citgo"Chavez blast the United States for one thing or another, and Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad deny the Holocaust and his country's obvious role in aiding the insurgency in Iraq.

Welcome to United Nations' week! This week is about grandstanding and do nothingness. Darfur? Innocent folks being slaughtered by Islamic militias? Oh yeah, that's a little fact that people always conveniently brush aside. If you want to talk about ineptitude, let's examine the fact that a genocide has been going on for several years while the U.N. has done zilch but pander to the Sudanese government. They'll also be grandstanding about global warming and I'm sure somehow President Bush we'll get blamed for that. Hey, while they're at it, Bush will probably get blamed for the whole I Spy episode featuring Bill"Don't Call Me Tricky Dick"Belichick and the New England Patriots.

Let's top things off with Ahmadinejad going to speak at Columbia University, where he will be taking questions. Right. Anyone, who watched Mike Wallace interview this lunatic knows that he'll ramble, but answer questions he will not. The United Nations is completely inept, no question, but for this creep to be a guest at an American educational institution is outrageous. The whole thing should insult every American. Iran, bears the responsibility for killing and injuring many U.S. troops and Ahmadinejad regularly delivers speeches threatening to "wipe Israel off the map." Columbia University apparently has no shame, even going so far as to make the ludicrous statement that they would have invited Adolph Hitler to their school.

I hope that the students at Columbia unanimously voice their displeasure with this tyrant being a guest at their University, you know, the one that doesn't allow R.O.T.C. on campus. I won't hold my breath, though. I'm curious to see if any of the politicians will speak out against Columbia's decision. Chris Dodd? Doubtful. Barack Obama? Possibly. Hillary Clinton? I've heard she actually did, before she didn't. Oh wait, let's not bring Mr. Kerry into this, last I saw he was watching some punk get zapped with a taser.

I'm not sure why America gives so much face time to degenerates, it's really quite sad. Indeed, this week the art of pie throwing will get taken to a whole different stratosphere.

Hey kids, the circus is in town!

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