Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Inside The Squared Circle

I turned on NXT last night for a minute or two, just in time to see Bryan Danielson calling out broadcaster Michael Cole and getting in his face. Danielson made reference to Cole being fed lines by Vince McMahon through his headset. He also said Cole was a poor man’s Jim Ross. No kidding.

I'm glad that they dropped 'Daniel Bryan' and are reintroducing him to the crowd as the guy who dominated the indy wrestling scene for the last few years. If all things go right - i.e. staying healthy, etc. - Danielson will absolutely headline Wrestlemania at some point in his career.

Ross, by the way, has said on his blog that he has some big news to announce in the next few weeks. Hopefully, Ross will once again be on the air for someone in the near future.

D’Lo Brown is no longer co-hosting the "Between the Ropes" radio show on ESPN 1080 in Orlando. Brown works backstage for T.N.A. and I suppose he came to the realization that he can’t fairly comment about T.N.A. since they are the ones that are paying his salary these days. Brown has not been on the radio show since T.N.A. pulled the plug on Monday nights. By the way, the ratings tell the story: T.N.A. failed miserably on Mondays.

The commercial free Raw was good this past Monday night. The first half hour or so was probably the best television that the W.W.E. has put on in quite a while.

Shame on the fans in Canada for booing Raw's guest host, Buzz Aldrin.

Rumor has it that Bret Hart will be the new general manager of Monday Night Raw. Hopefully, the guest host thing will now fade away.

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