Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Who News

Plenty going on in the world of The Who lately. First, Pete Townshend told Rolling Stone that his tinnitus has been bother him quite a bit lately and that if it keeps up they are done with touring. At the same time Roger Daltrey was asked by an interviewer what is left for him to do and Roger said he would like to revisit his blues roots and make an album with Jimmy Page. So take the two stories and the press has gone wild with speculation. Whatever. Pete Townshend clarified what the status is with his hearing on his blog:

“I am writing some more songs, testing out some studio and stage in-ear monitor systems, and wearing a Phonak hearing aid almost all the rest of the time. I feel as though I've been reborn in some ways. Not everything I hear is worth hearing, but at least I don't have to turn the TV down in order to tell everyone in the room that what they are watching is rubbish.”

Apparently Neil Young’s guitarist recommended a hearing device that Pete will test out at The Who’s Teenage Cancer Trust show on March 30. On that occasion the band will be performing Quadrophenia at the Royal Albert Hall.

Pete had more to say:

“Thanks everyone who stood by me during the Super Bowl (especially Roger as always), and to everyone who has emailed to say how much they enjoyed the half-time stint. The hat I wore, that was popular with some-but not all-of our fans, contains some ancient technology that helps me hear myself better on stage. It's called, the BRIM.”

As far as a Daltrey-Page CD, I took it as Roger just thinking out loud. But we'll see. By the way, Daltrey and Page both share the same management.

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