Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Super Bowl Thoughts

Every year I read about a large chunk of people that like the halftime show and a large chunk that dislike it. Whatever. You can’t please everyone, especially when it comes to music. But one thing that is indisputable is that it is a major reason as to why some people watch the Super Bowl. In order I would say first the game; second the commercials and third is the halftime show as to reasons why people tune in.

So now people are wondering who will perform at next year's show. Does the NFL go the classic rock route again? Billy Joel perhaps. Maybe Bon Jovi, Pearl Jam or the Foo Fighters? Or will they go with Beyonce and Jay Z? Maybe they will go in an entirely different direction and choose a country music star. By the way, voters on a Rolling Stone poll last year correctly chose The Who.

Regardless, many people love to rip NFL commissioner Roger Goodell - some legit, some nitpick. But the fact is that the Pro Bowl drew 12.3 million viewers and the Super Bowl drew in 106 million people, which makes it the most-watched telecast ever in U.S. history; dethroning M*A*S*H from the top spot which it held for 27 years!

Why was this year's so widely watched? Was it the star power of Peyton Manning? Some have theorized that the bad weather has driven people inside. I’m not sure about that or the reasons as to why this particular game was so popular. But I also find it funny that there were a number of people on my Facebook page that said they had no interest in the “big game.” So what did they do exactly?

In regards to Goodell, did he get people to tune in? No, but the NFL is a "cash cow" and his job is to not destroy it, so far the numbers bear out that the league is in good hands. Right now, the NFL is the model for all other sports leagues and there is no denying that. Will that continue with a potential lockout looming?

Time will tell....

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