Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Inside The Squared Circle: Judgement Day Thoughts, Flair's Return, E.C.W., Is Smackdown The Better Brand?

The first four matches of Judgement Day were good to great: CM Punk-Umaga was stiff and reminds me of how great those Punk-Samoa Joe matches were in ROH a few years ago; Shelton Benjamin-John Morrison was a match of two extremely good athletes; Jack Swagger-Christian featured two guys that worked extremely hard and used a diverse set of moves; while Chris Jerich-Rey Mysterio was also a fun match.

Then we had The Miz do his schtick in the ring, in which he went after Alfonso Soriano, who was sitting ringside. Miz used the tried-and-true method of attacking the hometown team, which in this case was the Chicago Cubs.

The next couple of matches included Randy Orton-Batista, in what was a slow moving match. Ric Flair showed up to a huge pop from the crowd. But quite honestly, I really wish Flair would stay retired. Big Show dominated John Cena and then out of nowhere Cena hit his finishing maneuver for the win. OK, whatever.

The pay-per-view finished off with Edge retaining his World Championship with a win over Jeff Hardy. Surprsingly, CM Punk did not cash in the Money in the Bank suitcase.

Last night on Monday Night Raw, we saw more of Ric Flair teasing a return to the ring. Initially I’m sure it will be great, but three months from now, we’ll all be groaning.

E.C.W. tonight features David Hart Smith.

Meanwhile, I think Smackdown is probably the best brand right now. The Chris Jericho-Rey Mysterio feud is just starting and should be a good one.

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