Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday Night Raw: Jericho-Michaels Swerve?

Last night’s Monday Night Raw concluded with the announcement that Shawn Michaels will face Chris Jericho at the next W.W.E. pay-per-view, No Mercy, in a ladder match for Jericho’s World Championship.

Immediately after the show went off the air, I thought of how great it will be to see Michaels win a major championship one more time in his career. With injuries mounting and Michaels cutting back his schedule over the last year or so, one would think that Michaels is drawing closer to retirement.

A final run with the World Championship would be great to see and a reward to Michaels who has carried the Raw show so many times in the last few months. Shawn Michaels has also gotten my pay-per-view dollar, but what about this one?

Triple H will be defending his W.W.E. Championship against Jeff Hardy and now we have Michaels-Jericho. While it would seem that the ladder match – which Shawn Michaels put on the map – assures a title change, I’m not so sure. Jericho will counter with something that will even things up. That’s the way it has been in this feud – the best of the year – with each man engaging in a great psychological battle of human chess.

So what will it be? The storyline is now advanced with Jericho as World Champ, but are we guaranteed a title change. I’m still expecting another swerve before Sunday October 6 and something that in all likelihood will draw me in to another W.W.E. pay-per-view. But then again, doesn't Shawn Michaels always draw in the viewer?

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