Sunday, February 04, 2007

Odds & Sods

Interesting happenings in the world of blogging, which actually can be quite adventurous to say the least.

I have now watched two special on television(CNN and Fox News) about the seeds being sown in London that will eventually lead to a catastrophic attack in England. The openess of imams preaching anti-western beliefs is astounding.

The rhetoric is much greater than it was in New York City before the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, when al-Qaeda had major operatives living and recruiting in Brooklyn, N.Y. The Al Farooq Mosque was originally used to recruit money and men to go fight against the Soviets who had invaded Afghanistan. But eventually the mosque transmogrified itself into a recruiting ground for jihadists. In fact, it was a central meeting place for the men who bombed the WTC in 1993.

Right now, London, or Londonistan as it has been known to be called, is mostly turning a blind eye. However, instead of blaming the U.S., eventually they will have to confront this potentially lethal problem.

I keep hearing politicians saying that Americans are "war weary." Very interesting. So are we in Iraq and Afghanistan to win or what? My message to all these politicians is that we should never under any circumstances send our military into a country unless we are fully committed to victory.

I am very eager to see how the politicos, especially those seeking the 2008 Presidential nomination, will handle the issue of Afghanistan this spring. As I mentioned in a prior post, when the snow melts the Taliban and al-Qaeda are going to prove to be more formidable then they were in October 2001. Again, are we going to do the right thing or what?

You're going to hear a great deal over the next two years about candidates promising to bring all the troops home. Well, I guarantee you that in 2012 we will still have at least 50,000 troops in Iraq.

This brings me to Senator Clinton. It is so superficial to see Hillary Clinton saying that if she is elected she will bring all the troops home from Iraq. She supported the invasion and has backed Bush on the war all along. Say one thing and do another is what she is all about. It's like Hillary pretends to have a doppelganger that votes for things that she later claims to oppose. Still, I think she can be elected President.

If I were a Democrat I would want Al Gore to run for President; the most qualified and forward thinking Republican is Newt Gingrich. However, it does not appear that Gore will run, and Gingrich lacks any pizazz to catapult him to the Oval Office. Those two, I believe, are the best and the brightest between the two parties.

Nice to see that Hamas and Fatah are playing nice! What a joke, they blame the Jews for their problems but they just can't find a way to live in peace, now can they? It's really sickening to hear people constantly blaming Israel for the world's problems, but if you take an unbiased scan of the globe you will see that there are a least 14 conflicts going on right now that have been spurred on by Islamic fundamentalism.

Vince McMahon did a funny Rosie vs. Donald Trump parody on Monday Night Raw a couple of weeks ago. Well, The Donald got his revenge" on Vinny Mac by having thousands of $100 bills dumped from the rafters to show appreciation to the fans in attendance at last Monday's Raw.

Just wondering if this is setting things up for a McMahon vs. Trump showdown at Wrestlemania 23.

My girl Rachel Fuller has a couple of songs that are up for Indie Song of the Year. I hope she wins! One of the things I like about her is that she gave first dibs on concert tix to her fans who read her blog. Good to see an artist with some humility!

I made my Super Bowl prediction in a prior post. But I'm not really into the game to be quite honest.

Brendan Shanahan ripped the officials this week for allowing Jarmoir Jagr to get pulverized game in and game out with no penalties being called. My thoughts are that the Rangers need to find a way to stand up for their top player and have no one else to blame but themselves. If guys like Darien Hatcher were laid out when they elbowed Jagr in the head, no one would come near the Blueshirts' superstar. Having said that, I somewhat agree with Shanny in that I believe the officiating right now in the NHL is atrocious. I've been watching hockey for a long time and I have no idea what a penalty is anymore. I see so many phantom calls it has become ridiculous. I understand it's a hard game to call, but in some ways I almost wish there were no officials on the ice.

R.I.P. Barbaro.

Finally, I was kind of hoping we could name tomorrow "National Blowhard Day" in honor of Mike Francesa. You know we could all wear pins with a picture of the FAN talkie on our lapels!

Stay Onsides!

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