Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I have had major writer's block recently. I am hoping it was from the oppressive heat we experienced, which came to a thunderous ending last night. The weather is much nicer today with the air being more breathable. When it gets as hot as it was, it makes me want to fast forward life to September, when it will presumably be much cooler.

I must admit I have a bit of a resentment toward Walter's Hot Dogs in Mamaroneck. Now I am not the biggest hot dog eating guy around. But I went there in September only to have some punk slam a wooden sign in my face and say "we closed at 5" when in reality it was 4:59 p.m. I went there a few weeks ago and saw that there was about 20 people on line. I waited and waited. Waited some more. Even some more. Until finally I walked off the line and thought "Oh fuck this!" At least I think I thought it but I may have said it aloud.

I mean their hot dogs are great and so are their black and white milk shakes. But I don't need the wait. Besides Epstein's on Central Avenue is better.

Neil Smith got canned by the Islanders and all I can think is what a joke this is. Smith was part of a GM-by-committee regime that will not work on Long Island or any place for that matter.

Now that Big Deal Neil is unemployed. Wouldn't he be great as Sam Rosen's new broadcast partner for the Rangers. I know it is a longshot. But Smith has experience with ESPN and OLN, knows the intricacies of the Atlantic division and also knows the history of the New York Rangers better than anyone. He brought back that history and its importance when he was head honcho of the Blueshirts. Hey if George Steinbrenner and Billy Martin could play nice, so can Smith and the Dolans.

Best signings of the off-season are Michael Peca and Brendan Shanahan. One year deals for both players from Toronto and New York, respectively.

Boston will absolutely rue the day they gave Zdeno Chara five years. The big man disappears big-time in the playoffs. Two or three years would have been plenty.

Glen Sather do me a favor, please? Do not sign Brian Leetch. He just does not fit in with the Rangers and he is well past his prime.

Some things that will be heard in the NHL this season are that Dan Hinote will wear the bluenote in St. Louis, the Big 'E' plays in Big 'D', Jason Ward and Aaron Ward for the Rangers are no relation.

Stan Fischler reports that a game between the Rangers and Islanders at Yankee Stadium is in the preliminary stages of planning. I would love to see this. It was unbelievable when Edmonton and Montreal played outdoors in Edmonton in the Heritage Classic.

Finally, so if the Yankees miss the playoffs who will take the fall?

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Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with you about Brian Leetch. He would be great with the Rangers and it would probably revive his career.