Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cead Mile Failte

Cead Mile Failte or in Gaelic "A Hundred Thousand Welcomes." My goal is that one day I will be drawing a hundred thousand people to this blog.

Anyway, as you can see I have been pretty inactive on here the last few days. "Driving Toward Heaven" will continue next week as I will definitely post chapters three and four next Wednesday. Sorry, I know in a previous post I said it would be every Wednesday. But this week some things came up and I really have not been able to write anything at all which does not make me happy. :(

Actually, there have been many new visitors to this site lately. So let me explain exactly what this is all about. I wanted to have my own blog but did not know what to write about. So I decided to make it about whatever I wanted really. It is sort of like Seinfeld, which was about nothing. Well, this blog is about almost everything. News, sports, politics, music, poems, a short story or two. Perhaps someday I will pick one topic but that may be a bit boring.

"Rangers in Seven" is an expression that became infamous by a New York broadcaster during the New York Rangers run to their 1994 Stanley Cup Championship. For those that don't know it means the Rangers would win their best of seven series in the penultimate seventh game.

That little banner up above that says "Rangers Lead The Way" is in dedication to all those serving this great country. It is, in fact, the creed of the United States Army Rangers. The bravest of the brave as far as I am concerned. The U.S. Army Rangers astounding bravery was highlighted in the movie Black Hawk Down based on the book by Mark Bowden.

My favorite hockey team; my favorite movie. In my next life I want to come back as an Army Ranger.

On that same banner I will put some breaking news up there or big stories but mostly I will use it for lyrics from songs that I like.

So this is my blog: Sometimes organized, generally chaotic, inscrutable madness, hopelessly insatiable, hopefully insightful, predictably unpredictable!


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