Friday, June 03, 2011

Bryan Danielson vs. Kaval

This match is wrestling to me. T.N.A., which foolishly paid for "Wrestling Matters" billboards in the Stamford, Conn. area should take note and for that matter the W.W.E. should realize just how great wrestling can be. Before Bryan Danielson joined the main W.W.E. roster he spent some time in its developmental association, Florida Championship Wrestling (F.C.W.). Danielson and Kaval put on a classic match in the above videos which are from July 2010. Kaval was completely misused by W.W.E. during his stint last year where he won season two of NXT. Danielson has also not been utilized the way he should. In my opinion, Danielson, now known as Daniel Bryan, is one of the five best wrestlers in the world.

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