Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Inside The Squared Circle

I haven't done this in a while, but I've got plenty to say about everything going on in the world of wrestling so let's have at it.

The build for The Undertaker versus Triple H at Wrestlemania is perfect right now. These are two veterans of the business and I'm sure they will bring the house down. I fully expect Hunter to be staring up at the lights when it's over, but I also think he and 'Taker will put on a match that will really give HHH his "Wrestlemania moment."

Last night, I finished reading Chris Jericho's book, Undisputed. It was a fantastic read and one that was hard to put down. Was it better than his first book, A Lions Tale? Hard to say as they are both excellent. I will tune in to at least the first episode of Dancing with the Stars to see how Jericho does. He's definitely an all-time favorite of mine.

When I read that the W.W.E. had signed Mexican superstar Mistico I was cautiously optimistic. I had heard before that he was coming and those reports turned out to be false. But, now that this is true - the W.W.E. is already running promos - there is plenty to be excited about. Mistico, now named Sin Cara, is one of the most exciting wrestlers in the business and if the W.W.E. can find some suitable opponents for him the fans will be in for quite a treat.

Is T.N.A. still in business?

Bad job out of the W.W.E. for not having a "Money in the Bank" ladder match at 'Mania.

It's a good Hall of Fame class this year. I get what the strategy is in terms of having one big star - this year it's Shawn Michaels - and then have guys (or gals) that are known but not in the upper echelon so the spotlight is on one individual and not spread around.

For the love of God, can we stop already with talk of Chris Benoit going into the Hall of Fame. Let's think about this for a second, who is going to induct him? Case closed.

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